About us

South Ayrshire Paths Initiative is a community group of volunteers dedicated to promoting the development, maintenance and awareness of safe paths for all in South Ayrshire including walkers, cyclists and limited-mobility users. Our line of reasoning is simple – build, maintain and promote safe and attractive paths and people will use them.

We want to work with local planning and infrastructure authorities (e.g. South Ayrshire Council and Ayrshire Roads Alliance), Active Travel organisations (e.g. Sustrans, Living Streets, Paths for All) and other organisations that can help turn our vision into reality.

We aim to achieve this by identifying potential paths for development, encouraging safe path and junction design, helping to create welcoming greener pathways, highlighting barriers and maintenance issues, promoting awareness and benefits of active travel

Find out about specific projects on our developments page and read updates on our social feeds below.

Great work and as usual @neilbeakerq is on the case !!! https://t.co/w7mp1kL6tB
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Laura White @Laura_CSW
Thanks to @neilbeakerq for organising a litterpick on route 1 in Dundee this evening - 10 bags filled in 1.5 hours...no knitting needles required! #volunteering #NationalCycleNetwork @SustransScot https://t.co/aka6iFwjeX

Very good talked non stop for hours ! next event is on the 31st !!! https://t.co/qViTXyu0ef

Behaved until the last 30 mins! Great feedback from the public on wanting active travel connections between communities https://t.co/tYhwRR2ZfW