Dunure Road Underpass

The missing link between Alloway/Burton cycle path and NCN7 Greenan to Ayr town centre

Update: 17th April 2018 At the Alloway and Doonfoot Community Council meeting Ayrshire Roads Alliance announced they have submitted a planning application to construct an underpass at A719 Dunure Road, Doonfoot to link NCN7 and Burton/Alloway cycleways. This awaits external funding, but looks promising. The underpass could be constructed this year 2018, if the funding application is successful.

The planning application can be viewed here.

Alloway Burton cycle path
Alloway/Burton Cycle Path

On one side of Dunure Road there is a popular 2 mile traffic free tarmac all abilities shared use path from Maybole Road, Alloway, Ayr. It follows the dismantled Maidens and Dunure Light Railway line and links housing estates and the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

NCN7 near Dunure Road and Greenan Castle
NCN7 Greenan to Ayr town centre

On the other side of Dunure Road there is another popular virtually traffic free tarmac all abilities shared use path passing near Greenan Castle, then along by Ayr beach. Recent improvements make for a safe and attractive 3 mile journey to Ayr town centre.

Dunure Road Crossing

The above paths meet at the 60mph Dunure Road. This is the missing link between two excellent traffic free paths.

The lack of a safe crossing is a barrier to many users.

Alloway Burton cycle exit to side road at Dunure Road
This is actually two dangerous crossings

As users exit the Alloway/Burton cycle path they need to listen for traffic that may turn left into the side road at a blind junction.

Then they have a few seconds to cross Dunure Road if a car approaches over the blind summit.

A719 Underpass proposal
GREEN line is Alloway/Burton path, RED is NCN7. YELLOW line is proposed old railway underpass route.
Dunure Road Underpass

The proposal is to restore the Dunure Road underpass that was part of the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway to link two popular traffic free paths and create a safe and easy passageway for users of all abilities including unsupervised young children, limited mobility users and families.

Alternative proposals

Restoring the railway tunnel is the only safe option. Due to the topography of the area and driver behaviour other options like traffic calming, 30mph speed limit, Toucan crossing, over-bridge, speed camera will not solve the safety issues.

The community group South Ayrshire Paths Initiative supports Ayrshire Roads Alliance and South Ayrshire Council’s ambitions to restore the underpass and link these paths to form a 5 mile scenic all abilities path that is safe and attractive from end to end for locals and visitors.